Raise your can of beer on high, and seal your fate forever, our best years have past us by, the golden age of leather! — Blue Öyster Cult

Beer enthusiasts and young bourbon professionals Sara “Cuda” and “Rowdy Nici” formed their partnership in crime while playing in AC/DShe, the widely acclaimed female Bon Scott-era AC/DC tribute band. After too many broken amps from spilled beers, Sara and Nici put their leather crafting skills to good use and formed Brew Holster Cult. The quest for the perfect fashion accessory had been conquered!

We invite you to join the exclusive ranks of Brew Holster Cult. There’s no need to brainwash you into thinking our holsters are the most badass things ever made. Your friends will do it for us. Keep slinging those beers!

Brew Holster Cult – accessorizing your alcohol since 2006!